Financial Freedom:  The decision of our church to pursue financial freedom through a stewardship campaign is twofold.  First, we need to eliminate the burden of debt that is draining available ministry dollars. Secondly, we need to address the rising cost of maintaining an aging facility.


Current Debt:  Our current debt totals $3.8 million.  If viewed as a 15 year mortgage, our monthly payments are roughly $30,000 equating to almost $360,000 annually.  This is a significant portion of our tithes and offerings that we feel could be more beneficially used in ministry efforts.  We desire to spend 50% of all dollars raised through this campaign to reduce our current debt.


Condition of Facilities:   We are blessed with great facilities that are used to conduct ministry 7 days a week!  Whether you realize it or not, our buildings are almost 40 years old, with the exception of the FLC which is 20 years old.  Over time, the high demand on our facilities has resulted in deterioration of key elements of our buildings and their basic level of performance.  This is primarily seen in the areas of roof leaks and break downs in our heating and air conditioning units.  Despite continued repairs, we are now at a point where a significant investment is required to extend the useful life of our facilities.  We desire to spend 50% of all dollars raised through this campaign to make improvements in these areas, but will present each project for church approval prior to initiation.


Spiritual Growth:  One of the greatest principles in God’s word is financial stewardship.  We must understand that God holds the title to all things and realize we are temporary custodians of our resources.  The Bible says in Matthew 19 and again in Mark 10 that whoever will sacrifice for the Lord’s sake and follow Him “will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life”.   Now that is a hard promise to pass up on!  Research shows that when churches unite on an agreed upon financial goal that giving increases through conventional avenues also, probably reflecting those blessings. Please begin to pray “Lord, what do You want to do through me to carry out Your will for this church?’