First let me say, I love being your pastor!  I’m so excited about what God is doing and will continue to do through the life of our ministry.


As you may be aware we are starting a Stewardship Campaign this Fall to take a big step toward eliminating our debt situation which is currently around $3.8 million dollars.  This campaign will start October 15th and run for three years.  We believe at the end of this campaign we’ll be in a much better financial position, which will allow us to experience the next stage of God’s great work through the life of our church.


Please allow me to share my heart about this journey we are about to take.  As I’ve prayed about what we are to do, here is what the Lord has laid on my heart.  It comes from the first chapter of the book of Joshua.


Moses was one of the great leaders of ancient Israel, but the Lord has removed him.  Joshua now becomes the leader and it is his responsibility to lead the people to take the Promise Land.  The Promised Land is the goal of 40 years of a desert journey.  In this first chapter God lays out the vision for Joshua to follow.  The nation of Israel is to cross the Jordan River and keep walking until they have covered the boundaries outlined by God.


The path before them is uncertain and requires steps of faith and sacrifice.  But God tells them on multiple occasions “be strong and courageous” for I am with you.  If they obey and take these first steps it will lead to the establishment of the land of Israel.  If they shrink back, the desert and bondage lay behind them.  Before them there is no City of David, there are no Jewish settlements, there is no Bethlehem, but there is a pathway.  The pathway requires crossing the river.  The Jordan River is no Red Sea, but it’s still an obstacle, physically, mentally and spiritually.  The pathway will require faith and sacrifice, but it leads to spiritual growth as they “do according to all the law of Moses” and freedom from bondage.  It’s a point of decision.  Take steps of faith or live with the current reality.  It’s decision time.  Will they cross the river?

Our pathway is similar.   We can’t see the future, but we know the Lord can bring about things we can only imagine.  First, there is an obstacle.  Debt must be eliminated.  Good news, there is a pathway.  The pathway will require faith, it will require sacrifice, but it can result in spiritual growth and freedom from bondage… financial bondage.  It’s our decision time.  Will we cross our river, will we join God on the journey, will we discover what lies ahead?  The pathway is before us.  The Pathway Stewardship Campaign begins Sunday October 15th.  Won’t you take the step?


These are exciting days of decision in our church.  Let us commit to seek and act in God’s will.  To the glory of God, we will take the Pathway forward.


Your pastor,


John Lary

Senior Pastor